Intermediate Band: Oboe Assignments for 2.16.2018

Intermediate Band – Oboe

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Needed materials:

  • Oboe swab (long, thin, usually silk cloth to clean out your instrument).
  • Minimum of 2 GOOD reeds
  • Tuner (I prefer stand-alone [not smartphone/internet], chromatic tuners. Clip-on are fine.)
  • Oboe neck strap to alleviate wrist pain. Here’s the one I recommend (Sold in music stores and many other places online as well.)

This Week’s Assignment:

To Seek the Glorious – Work the difficult intervals especially! For the difficult trill (Db-Eb), check out this chart of fingerings:

EE Book 2 pages 8-9.

Remember to bring both Patriotic Favorites and Film Favorites with you next week.


Practice smart!

Successful practice time:

  1. Quiet space
  2. All materials present
  3. Good Posture
  4. Warm up with deep breaths for 1-2 minutes (10 seconds in, 10 seconds out)

Successful music practice:

  1. Look for time signature, key signature(s), tempo(s), dynamics, and accidentals.
  2. Clap, tap, or buzz rhythm before playing.
  3. Silently finger/position through the piece in tempo.
  4. Play through the exercise.
  5. If you can play through it 4x without a mistake you have mastered it.