First Day of Classes: 9.9.2022

Hello PSHP Families,

Tomorrow is the day that we have been looking forward to as we start up PSHP

for a new year!!! We have been praying for this day. The first day is

always a little crazy and chaotic, but we ask for your grace as we move

forward. Please pray for our students and teachers as we begin our new

musical adventure!!


A few notes to help with the craziness of the first day.

1. Music that has been ordered will be in the classroom of your students

first class for the day. Please note that many things are back ordered, but

will be delivered to classes soon.

2. Beginner classes that start at 8:45, please meet in the Sanctuary for

the first day only. A teacher will walk you to class after we pray over


3. Any student that is new to Asbury or needs to know where your room is,

please meet in the Fellowship Hall area 10 minutes before the start of your


4. If you have any questions, see the people at the Information Table in

the hallway between the east doors and the Fellowship Hall.

5. If you signed up to help, please check the Non-teaching help list for

your assignments. Ask at the Information Table if you have any questions or

need any help.

* Set Up Crews-Please try to rearrange the room as little as

possible. If there are tables in the room, and you need the additional

space, please leave the tables up and push towards the wall. There will be

post-it notes and pictures on the classroom doors that you are assigned to.

Many rooms will have to have extra chairs. Some rooms will need tables for

theory, as well as a keyboard. Keyboards are stored in the Music Library or

on the second floor storage closet near Room 203.

* Clean Up Crews-Please restore the room and use the picture of the

room on the back of the door sign as your guide.

6. I have attached the teacher chart, if you want to know your children’s

teachers and their room numbers.

7. High School girls in advance classes will need to order a concert dress

if they did not order one already. See Hannah Hood for more information or

check at the Information Table.


Last Year’s Yearbooks

Last year’s yearbooks are here and will be at the Information Table. Each

book that was ordered has your name on the back of the book. Please be sure

to take the right book. People at the Information Table will cross your

name off of the list.


Yearbook Class for this Year

If you signed up as an adult or student to help with Yearbook, please meet

tomorrow at 12:10 in Room 210-211. This way you can meet each other and

work out your schedule.


Hall Monitors for September 9, 2022 (Meet at the Information Table for more


8:45-11:00 Andrea McConnell, Kelsey Bailey

11:00-1:00 Becky Sexton

12:45-2:45 Janette Shipley

1:45-3:45 Amanda Gann


Notes for Gibbon Website

1. Emails in the future will be coming from Gibbon. Please add the PSHP

email to your folder so it does not go to your SPAM folder or junk folder.

2. Log into Gibbon to see your class schedule, assignments, etc.


3. If you don’t have your Gibbon login or have any Gibbons questions email

Le Ann Price at

4. Families that were registered in Gibbon last year, should be able to log

in and add siblings. Don’t worry if you have trouble with Gibbons, as we

have been having trouble also!


Hall Monitors for September 16, 2022

8:45-11:00 Cindy Villegas, Andrea McConnell

11:00-1:00 Amy Arbuckle, Rachel Bell


1:45-3:45 Hollie Marling

Important Links

Can be Found Here in the Calendar Handbooks Schedules TabĀ of this website.

Here’s the Link.