Composition Assignments for 11.30.2018

Composition Assignments

Today you worked on your advertising jingles in class. Over the next two weeks, refine them and be prepared to present them on our last day of class, November 30th. As a part of your presentation, think of it almost like an advertising pitch. We’ll need to know a bit about the product, so part of your presentation will be telling us about the item you have worked on. A picture of the product would be great to have, too. As per usual, please send a PDF of the score and an .mp3 of the recording to me by Thursday, November 29th at 7:00 p.m., and let me know if I need to play it in class for you.
Some inspiration from other well-known jingles can be found here.
Like I said in class today, you are essentially trying to write an ear worm. You want the message of the product to get across in a memorable way that sticks with people. That’s hard! It’s part of why good advertising campaigns cost so much money, because getting good music to go with your product takes a skilled composer who can get a huge impact with a minimum of music.
Some general information on psychology in advertising, which could inform your own projects, can be found in the articles below:
My musical happy moment this week is an absolutely fascinating Ted presentation by Dame Evelyn Glennie, a Scottish percussionist who lost most of her hearing by age 12. The whole thing is over half an hour, but well worth the time to watch. You can find more videos of her on her channel. I recommend this one, which shows some extended playing techniques of different orchestral instruments.
Have a great Thanksgiving, and see you all in two weeks!

Heather R. Nelson, PhD

Singing Voice Specialist

Voice Teacher