Music Notes for Friday, 4.6.2018

Music Notes for Friday, April 6, 2018 Hall Monitors 8:45-11:00       Naomi Schrope, Julia Phelps 11:00-1:00       Lisa Jarvis, Kelly Garrison 12:45-2:45       Stacy Undegraff 1:45-3:45         Terri Anderson PSHP Board Member:  Tracy Yohn NOTES Tomorrow is Payment Day for April.  Please pay for […]

Music Notes for Friday 3.23.2018

Music Notes for Friday, March 23, 2018 Hall Monitors 8:45-11:00       Michelle  Blackwell, Holly Rose, Geraldine Thomas 11:00-1:00       Nichole Gray, Kelly Garrison 12:45-2:45       Maggie Riegle 1:45-3:45         Leslie Patterson PSHP Board Member:  Cheryl Pursselley NOTES All Beginner Band and Intermediate Band classes will […]

Parents, Students and Teachers Notes for 3.9.2018

Music Notes for Friday, March 9, 2018 Hall Monitors 8:45-11:00       Amber Neil, Julia Guthrie 10:00-12:00     Shelly Tomlinson 11:00-1:00       Amber Jones, Shari Wilder 12:45-2:45       Maggie Riegle 1:45-3:45         Andrea McCotter PSHP Board Member:  Jennifer Roberson NOTES All Beginner Band and Intermediate Band […]

Music Notes for Parents Students and Teachers 2.23.2018

Music Notes for Friday, February 23, 2018 Hall Monitors 8:45-11:00       Valerie VanBebber, Marie Chapman, Jessica Williams 11:00-1:00       Shelly Pichler, Tessa Zundel 12:45-2:45       Cindy Villegas 1:45-3:45         Kelly Stinnett PSHP Board Member:  Jennifer Roberson (am only) NOTES All Beginner Band and Intermediate Band […]

Music Notes for Friday, 1.26.2017

Music Notes for Friday, January 26, 2018 Hall Monitors 8:45-11:00       Rebecca Tucker, Julia Guthrie 10:00-12:00     Shelly Tomlins 11:00-1:00       Cindy Faust, Nichole Gray 12:45-2:45       Ginger Nugent, Elizabeth Ouellette 1:45-3:45         Sarah Forrester   PSHP Board Member:  Shelly Burks   […]