Parent Teacher and Student Notes for 12.1.2107

Notes for Friday, December 1, 2017   Hall Monitor 8:45-11:00       Linda Bauers, Marie Chapman, Geraldine Thomas 11:00-1:00       Nancy Lawrence, Brandi Powell 12:45-2:45       Kara Kaufman, Noelle Burgress 1:45-3:45         Jennifer Worm   PSHP Board:  Shelly Burks   Important Notes […]

Parent, Teacher and Student Notes for 11.10.2017

Notes for Friday, November 10, 2017 New notes about performance venue and performances below.   Hall Monitor 8:45-11:00       Stephanie Daniels, Emily Cluff, Linda Bauers 10:00-12:00     Naomi Schrope 11:00-1:00       Anna Haak 12:45-2:45       Lisa Turney, Noelle Burgress 1:45-3:45         Andrea McCotter   […]