Beginner Viola Assignments for 9.29.2017

Beginner Viola Assignments for 9.29.2017

Practice #19, #20, and #22. These are possibilities for the Christmas concert.

Practice pages 10-12.

Continue to work on playing with good posture:
*Sit up straight and at the edge of your chair
*Hold your viola up (parallel the the floor)
*Left wrist should be straight
*Point your thumb to the sky
*Make sure just the tip of your thumb is above the neck of the viola, leaving a “v” shaped space below the neck
*Curve your fingers over the fingerboard
*Be sure to keep all fingers down when playing with more than one finger. (If you are playing a 3rd finger, place 1 and 2 on the fingerboard as well.)
*Work hard to memorize your notes. (There are only 8!)

Bonus question: What is the name of the note on the staff below? (Hint: it is not one we have learned to play, but it is very close! You should be able to use what you know to figure it out.)

Accelerated class notes:

Practice everything noted above plus pages 14 and 15. Work on your bow hold. See the pictures below for help. Remember to curve your thumb!