Beginner Orchestra Violin Theory 1

Teachers: Hope Barker and Celeste Erwin
Class: Beginner Orchestra Violin Theory 1
Upcoming Class Date: September 30, 2016

Hi kids!  Here’s a class update from Miss Hope and Miss Celeste!

It was great to see you all this week!  I am enjoying getting to know all of you so much!!!!!  I know we’re all happy to see Miss Hope back this week but we did miss Audrey Saylor.  I hope she gets to come back next week!

Last Friday we did Exercises 5 & 6 on page 5 in our Theory book.  We also clapped Lines 2, 3, & 4 on Lesson 1 in our Rhythm book.

For homework, you need to fill out the counting on lines 4 & 5 on Lesson 1 in the Rhythm book.

Your bonus question for this coming Friday is: Draw a Treble clef on a staff like shown below:


There are a few additional notes for next class.  First of all, we will be playing Around the World!!!!!  This is Miss Celeste’s very favorite game and for those of you who don’t know what it is, you will soon find out!  Secondly, we handed out flashcards to all of you.  They are stuck in the back of your Theory book.  Have your parents do these with you.  These will help you a lot in playing Around the World!!!!  Third, we cannot give you tickets for your practice time unless your mom or dad has signed your practice sheet.  On your practice logs, write down how many minutes you practiced every day and add up all the minutes and write them down on the 2nd to last column and make sure a parent signs it!  Lastly and most importantly, please, do not work ahead in your books!
Thank you all for being such well behaved students!!!!!

Don’t forget to practice the assignments you got in playing class!  We’ll see you all next week!  God bless!!!