Beginner Orchestra Violin Theory 1 9.16.16

Beginner Orchestra Violin Theory 1
Upcoming Class Date: September 23, 2016

Hi kids!  Here’s a class update from Miss Celeste!  I’m sorry that last week’s didn’t get posted.  But, you have another bonus question for this coming Friday!  We all missed Miss Hope this last Friday, but I know that we had fun with Mrs. Johnna and Mr. Samuel!  This week we worked pages 3 and 4 in our Theory books and clapped Line 1 of Lesson 1 in our Rhythm books.  For homework, I want you to fill out the counting on Lines 2 and 3 on Lesson 1 in your Rhythm books.  Just do it exactly how you did Line 1 in class this last Friday.  All of you should’ve gotten practice sheets from Mrs. Johnna this last Friday.  For every 30 minutes you practice your violin and mark it on your practice sheets, you’ll get a ticket!!!!!!  But, in order to actually get those tickets, your mom or dad has to sign the practice sheet.  Here’s your bonus question for the week: What is the name of the note on the first line of the staff?  If you write down the answer to this question on a piece of paper and bring that to us this next Friday, and your answer is correct, you get a ticket!  Don’t forget to practice any assignments from playing class!  Can’t wait to see you all this Friday!!!  God bless!!!!!