Beginner Orchestra Violin Theory 1 – 10.7.16

Teachers: Hope Barker and Celeste Erwin
Class: Beginner Orchestra Violin Theory 1
Upcoming Class Date: October 14, 2016

Hi kids!  Here’s a class update from Miss Hope and Miss Celeste!

It was great seeing you all again!  You are such wonderful kids and very smart students!  We noticed a couple of missing faces though and hope that they’re back this week!

In our Theory Book, we did Exercise 8 (D String Practice) on page 7.  For those of you who were absent, please do this and bring it next week to be graded.  We also clapped lines 3 and 4 on Lesson 2 in our Rhythm book.

For homework, fill out the counting on line 5 on Lesson 2,  If you haven’t done the lines previous to line 5 on Lesson 2, please go ahead and do them.  Also, if you practice your clapping Rhythms on Lesson 2 and your parent marks that on your practice sheet, you can get an extra ticket!!!!!  *~^o^~ cheer

For your bonus question: Draw the notes below on a staff and write the name of each below the note and the fingering above it (HINT: They’re all on the D string) (and put a sharp in front of the third note).  Turn in your paper with these notes and labels this Friday and, if it’s correct, you’ll get a ticket.  (SECOND HINT: Look at Exercise 8 on page 7 in your Theory book for help)
Image result for low d on treble clef  Image result for low e on treble clef  Image result for low f# on treble clef  Image result for low g on treble clef



Don’t forget to practice the assignments you got in playing class!  We’ll see you all next week!  God bless!!!