Beginner Orchestra Cello Class Assignments for 9.22.17

Beginner Orchestra Cello Class for 9.22.17

I am looking forward to a great year in cello class this year.

Be sure to print off a practice chart for Fall 2017.  These are posted on the website under Practice Charts.  Plan regular practice at least 4 times a week. Record your practice time and have your parent sign it each week.  You will be given a reward ticket in your theory class for every 30” that you have practiced each week.  Make a plan how you can save your tickets, as you can use these tickets at the Prize Store at the end of each semester.  You can staple an envelope or a ziplock  bag into your book.

I will post a bonus question each week.  Please write down the answer and I will give a ticket in playing class for correct answers.

Practice all of page 4 and 5 in Essential Elements.

Be sure to learn and memorize the terms in the yellow boxes as that is important information.

Learn the parts of the cello on p. 2.

Be sure to sit on the front part of your chair and look and study the position on p. 3.

Preview page 6.  We put finger tapes on your cello last Friday in class to show where your fingers press down the string to make different pitches.  You will get flashcards this Friday to help learn your 8 notes.


NOTE:              D                           E                                      F#                          G

LOCATION:     Open D String             D String-1st finger                   D string-3rd finger       D String-4th finger

No fingers                           Pointer finger                                    Ring finger                          Pinky



What clef does the cello play in?