Beginner Orchestra Cello Assignment from 1.27.2017

Beginner Orchestra Cello Class, Jan. 27 Notes

Review 8 notes on cello in the yellow  box at the top of p. 14

Practice p. 16 and 17 and focus on your right hand and bow hold

  • Grip your bow with your pointer finger
  • Only the tip of your pinky wraps over the top of the bow stick.Don’t let any of the rest of your pinky, your hand or palm touch the bow.
  • Keep a relaxed pinky
  • Ring finger should curl over bow and touch the dot on the frog, if you have a dot

Practice p. 18 by using the 4 Steps of Putting It All Together.  In class we talked about baby steps!

  • Step 1say letter names
  • Step 2play pizzicato only
  • Step 3Air bow or shadow bow (remember not to let your fingers touch the bow hair)
  • Step 4Bow and play as written (put it all together)


Bonus?   Draw a down  bow.