Beginner Orchestra: Beginning Viola Assignments for 9.15.2017

Beginner Orchestra: Beginning Viola Assignments for 9.15.2017

Welcome to viola class! I am excited to get started, and know we will have a great year.

This week, please practice rest position and playing position. (Remember to sit at the edge of your seat!) Practice pages 4 and 5 in the Essential Elements book.

Your goal is to memorize where the notes are located on the staff and what finger and string are used to play the note. Being able to quickly recognize your notes will make playing so much more enjoyable!

I will try to remember to post a bonus question each week. Write your answer on a piece of paper and show me at the beginning of class. If you correctly answer the question, you will get a ticket. At the end of the semester, there will be a prize store where you can spend your tickets. You can also earn tickets by practicing. Fill out the practice log each week and have your parents sign it. Your theory teachers will check your log and give you tickets.

Bonus question:

Violins use the treble clef, and cellos use the bass clef. What clef does the viola use?