Beginner Orchestra, All Classes, Assignment from 2.24.2017

Beginner Orchestra, All Classes from Feb. 24, 2017

All Beginner Orchestra classes will  be combined starting March 10 in the Sanctuary,

We are practicing on the following eight songs our of Essential Elements, Book 1.


#64, p. 19        D Major Scale

#44, p. 15        Matthew’s March

#73, p. 21        Buckeye Salute

#80, p. 22        Grandparent’s Day

#86, p. 23        Ode to Joy

#89, p. 24        Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down (practice both parts)

#90, p. 25        English Round

#91, p. 25        Lightly Row (practice both parts)  we will play this song twice and add a bow lift at the end of the first time


Bonus Question:  Define what a scale is.  (look at p. 11 or p. 19)