Band: Intermediate Band Assignments for 2.15.2019

Intermediate Band  from Feb. 8 for Feb. 15

Band Together on Feb. 15th


This is My Country & Rainbow Connection

(might also begin Yankee Doodle in Patriotic Favorites)

Work hard beginning pages of Book 2, pg 6-7

Flutes: F, Bb, Eb, Ab scales (2 octaves), C Major (3 octaves), Book 2: p. 14-15

Clarinets: Book 2 P. 6-7, My Country, Rainbow Connection

This week focus on articulations!

For tone refinement:

Reed size 3, brands Vandoren or Mitchell Laurie

Consider a new Ligature Rovner (darker) Luyben or Vandoren Optimum (a bit brighter)

Saxes – pgs 7-8, & #163

Brass – as assigned

Percussion: 5,9 and 17 stroke rolls out of book 2 – We are also going to be working on much less talking and extra playing when teachers are speaking!