Band: Intermediate Band Assignments for 10.5.2018

Intermediate Band (General & Saxes) from 9/28 for 10/5:


  1. Bonus Question:  What is one section of Rainbow connections where you have the melody?  Email the measure number todan@myroadchurch.comor have it starred in your music before next class.
  2. Priority – Book 1 Page 24, 25 – further if possible.  (Saxes go on through pg 26)

We want to be in Book 2 by Christmas

  1. Rhythm a week – Review, Units 10-11
  2. Film Favorites – Rainbow Connection (back up song for Christmas)
  3. See any other specific assignments from your instrument teacher

African Noel –

A Christmas Rose –

MVP’s (Most Valuable Sections & Players)

Band Average – 75%

Band MVS (Most Valuable Section) – Alto Saxes171%%

Band Individual MVP – tied – Chris & Aybrin Saxes – 171%

Intermediate Band – Clarinet
Handout – #2-Chester
     Every day warm up with #2-Chester and breathing exercises.
Essential Elements – Review p. 26-27. Work p. 28-29.
African Noel and A Christmas Rose – Look over each part. Identify the rhythms, notes, and articulations that are most difficult for you.
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Dan or me.