Band: Intermediate Band Assignments for 10.18.2019

Band: Intermediate Band Assignments for 10.18.2019

Intermediate Band  from Oct. 4 for Oct. 18

Go straight to separate instrument classes at 10:00am Sept. 27th

Intermediate Band – All

Bring Band Books 1 & 2 to Class now

For all – Book 1 pp. 30-31,  also “Egyptian Dance” on pg 34

Begin looking at “Feast of Stephen” sheet music.  Put in a folder, binder, or tape into band book so it doesn’t get lost or fall off stands easily.

Listen to and begin working on Feast of Stephen

#136 Finlandia –warmup piece, P. 40 Bb Concert Scale – Begin to memorize this scale.

Login in to Essential Elements also

Read below for sectional assignments from your respective teachers.

Clarinets & Saxophones
Review pp. 30-31. Work hard on pp. 32-33. Come prepared to play through next week.
Eb Concert Scale memory test 10/18!
Trumpet / French Horn
Working above list and Book1 pg 30 all ,
#154, 155 as warm-ups,
Film Favorites – Shrek (solo page)
(More sectional assignments may be posted later, please check back, thank you!)