Band: Intermediate Band Assignment for 9.20.2019

Intermediate Band  from Sept. 13 for Sept. 20

  • Go straight to separate instrument classes at 10:00am Sept. 20th
  • Login in to Essential Elements
Intermediate Band – All
#136 Finlandia – This will be our band warm-up piece. Focus on notes and Rhythms so we can work on Tone, Pitch, and Ensemble when we meet together.
P. 40 Bb Concert Scale – Begin to memorize this scale.
Check for sectional assignments from your respective teachers.
Intermediate Band – Flutes
Review your scales
Book 1 pages 24-27
Intermediate Band – Clarinets & Saxophones
Work pp. 26-27. Come prepared to play through next week.
P. 40 Bb Concert Scale – memorize. Memory test in two weeks.
Intermediate Banc – Trumpet / French Horn
working Book1 pg 26-27, 136, 142, pg 30 #154
Intermediate Band – Percussion
Pages 24-27 in Essential Elements: Book One