Band: Beginning Band Assignments from April 24th, due May 1

BEGINNING BAND STUDENTS – We’re working on pages 18-19 of your band book (Book 1 Essential Elements).   Use  to listen to the example recordings and practice along with them.  Please turn in a recording of yourself playing #90 along with the accompaniment or metronome.  You can listen to the examples and record yourself in the “music studio” of essential elements interactive.  It is the microphone icon.  You can record yourself as many times as you would like and save the best one.  I will give you feedback via essential elements interactive after May 1st.  There will be a new assignment posted on or after May 1st.   Contact if you are having trouble logging into Essential Elements Interactive site.  New login information was sent via email on April 9th from Kathy.  You are looking for the “EEi ID Lists 3-30- Bands” attached file for your student’s login information.  I miss you all – and I’m glad to help as best as we can online!