Band: Beginner Band Assignments for 9.28.2018

Band: Beginner Band Assignments for 9.28.2018

Beginning Band (General & Saxes) from 9/21 for 9/28:

  1. Bonus Question – Play #31 – What other names do we know this song by? Email answers todan@myroadchurch.comor have them written down before class starts.
  2. Working on pages 6, 7, 8 of band book.  (Saxes)
  3. See any other specific assignments from your instrument teacher

Christmas Music was handed out today – staple or tape in back of band book – no loose pages!

Holiday Medley – sheet music – introduce today or 9/28, first sections

Joy To the World – sheet music – introduce as needed today or 9/28, first sections

MVP’s (Most Valuable Sections & Players)

Band Average – 66.87%

Band MVS (Most Valuable Section) – Flute – 121.43%

Band Individual MVP – Hadassah (Flute) 242.86%

Individual Section MVPs:

Flute – Hadassah 242.86%

Clarinet – Grace 142.86%

Alto – Eliza Jane & Wyatt 100%

Horn – Asher 71.43%

Trumpet – Johann 71.43%

Percussion – Bradley 57.14%

Beginning Band – Clarinet

Clarinet Starter Packet – You can access a copy here if you misplace yours. Bring this every week.
Breathing Exercises – Practice taking deep breaths (breath in down to your belly button) and blowing out slowly. See if you can breath out for 16 counts.
Essential Elements – Review p. 4-5. Work p. 6-7. Playing test on 9/28 #18.
Holiday Medley – Look over each part (A, B & C). Identify the notes you don’t know yet. Clap rhythms and play the sections with notes you know.
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Dan or me