Band: Beginner Band Assignments for 9.21.2018

Beginning Band from 9/14 for 9/21:

  1. Please check out Welcome letter and online access info packet if you have not already. Physical ones were given to students on Friday 9/14. Click link for packet:

  1. Working on pages 4, 5, (6 & 7 only if time in class allows) of band book.
  2. Playing test on 9/21 will be: (Teacher select)

Saxes playing test is #18 (play through page 6 & 7 too)

  1. See any other specific assignments from your instrument teacher

In 2018-2019 We’re recognizing MVP’s by section and individuals each week:

Beginning Band

Band Average – 50.99%

Band MVS (Most Valuable Section) – Flute – 97.62%

Band Individual MVP – April (Flute) 157.14%

Individual Section MVPs:

Flute – April 157.14%

Clarinet – Simon 100%

Alto – No one over 50%

Horn – Asher 57.14%

Trumpet – Johann 85.71%

Percussion – Coyle 57.14%

Beginning Band – Clarinet

Clarinet Starter Packet – You can access a copy here if you misplace yours. Bring this every week.
     Learn and memorize the parts of the clarinet (p. 7) and fill out the labels from memory (p. 8). I will check these next Friday (9/21)
Breathing Exercises – Practice taking deep breaths (breath in down to your belly button) and blowing out slowly. See if you can breath out for 16 counts.
Essential Elements – Review p. 4-5. When you feel you’ve mastered those pages, begin looking at p. 6-7. Playing test on 9/28 #18.
Practice at least 5 times this week for 30 minutes each. Bring your completed and signed practice card to class every week. 
Come to class on time. Class starts promptly at 8:45. Please be in your seat and ready to play by 8:45.
Bring all your materials to class. You MUST have your music books, your filled out (and signed!) practice card. a pencil, a stand (in excellent condition), your instrument, and a good attitude!
Concert dates. Be sure to check and double-check the concert dates (handout from registration day) and get those on the calendar. Our first concert is December 7 at Asbury from 10-12:45. It is vital to the band as a team that every member is prepared and present. New calendars may be picked up at the Information Table in the foyer.
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Dan or me.