Band: Beginner Band Assignments for 10.5.2018

Beginning Band (General & Saxophones) from 9/28 for 10/5:

  1. Bonus Question – know the definitions for fermata, harmony, pick-up notes, & dynamics, from pg 8-9 before next class.
  2. Working on pages 8 & 9.  Practice all exercises.
  3. See any other specific assignments from your instrument teacher

Christmas Music was handed out today – staple or tape in back of band book – no loose pages!

Holiday Medley – sheet music  first sections

Joy To the World – sheet music –first sections

MVP’s (Most Valuable Sections & Players)

Band Average –  30%

Band MVS (Most Valuable Section) –  Flutes 57%

Band Individual MVP –  Hadassah  – Flute – 171%

Beginning Band – Clarinet

Clarinet Starter Packet – You can access a copy here if you misplace yours. Bring this every week.
Breathing Exercises – Practice taking deep breaths (breath in down to your belly button) and blowing out slowly. See if you can breath out for 16 counts.
Essential Elements – Review p. 6-7. Work p. 8-9.
Holiday Medley & Joy to the World – Clap rhythms and play the sections with notes you know.
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Dan or me.