Band: Adoration Band Assignments for 2.7.2020

Adoration Band from Jan. 31 for Feb. 7 and forward

A Hymn Tune Rhapsody –  – 6/8 – ¾ measures and rhythms –

Chair testing, evaluation, measures 57 – 75, saxes 87-100, trumpets sections of 57-100.  Others 57-75.

Fortress Festival – review rhythms

Jesus Messiah – beginning

When You Believe -beginning

Links –

For All Advanced groups: Combined Piece: “He Will Hold Me Fast”

“He Will Hold Me Fast” –  note, there is not an orchestra and band recording of our specific arrangement.  However, link #1  is the same Choir arrangement.  We will likely handle solo’s slightly different, but you can hear the choir parts.

  1.  Choir-He Will Hold Me Fast –

  1. Original artist recording He Wil Hold Me Fast