Band: Adoration Band Assignments for 10.4.2019

Adoration Band from Sept. 27 for Oct. 4

Please begin checking calendars for a Nov. 1st (Friday evening) football game.  This would be our only option.

SBU Band Day Info:  Jill Kuschel flute, Brianna Meendering flute, Rachel Krueger oboe, Duncan McCotter percussion, and Samuel Carpenter have been nominated for the SBU Band Day.  We could only nominate 5 students.  We will hear on Oct. 4th who has actually been selected. Thank you!


Rhythm a Week – Units 17-18

Thank you for very good chair tests –  The Flutes that tied will complete this Friday. You should have been notified by Rebecca on Friday.

Also work on:

Book3, #29, also pages up through pg 6

Patriotic Favorites:  Star-Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle

Movie Favorites:  Jurassic Park, Raiders March, Star Trek, Back to the Future

Film Favorites: Pirates, Mission Impossible, Zorro


Mission Impossible –

Zorros Theme –

Yankee Doodle –