Bach Theory 2cnd Year Assignment from 2.17.2017

We’re continuing to work on intervals and expand our knowledge of them. This week we focused on harmonic vs. melodic intervals. Basically, if the two notes are sounded together, they are harmonic, and if they are sounded one after another they are melodic. That’s not terribly complicated. For some extra practice with intervals, particularly in different keys, try this game.

Next week we’ll expand into using the number of half steps between two notes to determine the “flavor” of the interval. Intervals can have several different flavors, including major, minor, perfect, diminished, and augmented. We’ll work with all types in the next few weeks.

We also discussed parody and listened to “Beethoven’s Wig” and the “Moonlight Sonata (with trucks).” If you’d like to relive the parody of the 5th symphony, you can find a cartoon here.