Bach Music Theory Assignments for 3.9.2018

Theory nuts, you are doing well at intervals. This is easily the hardest thing you’ve done all year, and you are all on the right track. It will take some extra practice to get proficient with them, and that’s okay! I had to work hard on it when I was first learning it, too. Try this game for some extra practice. If you click on the settings (gear symbols in the upper right corner) you can set it to only use certain intervals. I would suggest disabling the augmented and diminished intervals, for example.

Please remember that the next two Fridays in March you will be working with Mrs. Melanie Bush, as I will be out judging for Missouri high school music festival. I’ll see you again on April 6th!

My musical happy moment this week is an old clip of a pianist named Victor Borge who was a truly excellent pianist, but made his career as a comedian. Victor Borge and the soprano


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