Bach, 2cnd Year, Theory Assignment from 2.10.2017

Great work on intervals this week! For some extra practice, try this game.

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the story of “The Farewell Symphony” by Franz Josef Haydn. If you recall, Haydn wrote the Farewell as a gentle protest to his boss, Prince Esterhazy, who was staying in his summer palace for too long. His employees wanted to go back home where their families were waiting. The whole symphony has four movements, and the “joke” doesn’t come until the last movement. Haydn must have been waiting anxiously for the last movement to start. Then, one by one, players would pack up their instruments, blow out their candles, and leave the stage until just a lone violin remained. Prince Esterhazy got the hint, and the palace staff packed up to move back to the winter palace in just a few days time. You can watch a performance of the fourth movement here.

Also, in case you want to review how to read sheet music as told by someone not qualified to talk about sheet music, you can find that info here.

Have a great week!