Bach 2 Theory Assignments for 2.16.2016

Bach 2 Theory

This week we went further into intervals, defining what makes intervals perfect or major. We’ll be getting into minor and then augmented and diminished intervals soon enough. First off, this is hard stuff! It’s the hardest concept we’ve worked on all year, so I expect it will take us a bit longer to master than other things. The key is to practice, practice, practice! It takes awhile to be able to consistently identify intervals by sight, and then by hearing, but it is a very helpful skill to have. Give yourself grace to take the time to work with the concept, and soon enough it will be mastered.

If you’d like a little extra practice, try this game, or this ear training game, or this game (click on the settings to change which intervals will show up). There’s really not a magic bullet for learning intervals. It’s just practice and patience. You can do it!