Audition and Calendar information for PSHP 2017-2018

Hello Everyone,

I know everyone is in planning mode for the new year.  Play and Sing His Praises is no exception and is also in planning mode.  Please read over this very carefully for audition information and for descriptions of new classes.  We are only having auditions on one day this year, August 18. I look forward to getting our new year underway as we continue to glorify God through our music ministry.  Be sure to be prepared and practice for your upcoming auditions.


AUDITION INFORMATION for Returning Students

All auditions will take place at Asbury on Friday, August 18.

Please contact us if you are not available to audition on August 18 and we will schedule another time.

All auditions will need to be completed before Registration on Friday, August 25.

Any student that wants to proceed to the next level class will need to pass an audition.

Please don’t purchase any books just for your audition.  If you don’t have the books, please just prepare a song and two scales for your audition.

If a student chooses not to audition they will remain in the same class as they were in for the 2016-17 school year.

Please check at the bottom for class schedule and class prerequisites.

All classes will remain at the same time this year as last.


For information about Orchestra and Harp auditions click here.

Time of auditions and information is listed here.  Meet in the Sanctuary and unpack.


For information about Band auditions click here.

Time of auditions on August 18.  Meet upstairs in the Band Room.

9:00-10:00           Beginner Band auditioning for  Intermediate Band

10:00-11:00         Intermediate Band auditioning for Adoration Band

11:00-12:00         Anyone auditioning for Select Wind Ensemble or Jazz Ensemble


Guitar auditions

Time of auditions on August 18.  Meet in the guitar rooms.  Each student that is auditioning is to prepare a song from their guitar book to play and prepare one scale.

9:00-10:00           Beginner Guitar auditioning for Intermediate Guitar

10:00-11:00         Intermediate Guitar auditioning for Advance Guitar

11:00-12:00         Advance Guitar auditioning for Classical Guitar



For information about Bel Canto chamber choir auditions, click here.

Meet in the Choir Room from 9:30-10:30.

Meet in the Choir Room from 9:30-10:30.

All of the other choirs are open registration and do not require an audition.  They are decided by age only.  If a student has been a member of Mezzo Choir for 2 years and is 13 years old they may register for Concert Choir.


For information about Praise and Worship click here.  Please meet in the Choir Room from 10:30-11:30.

Please meet in the Choir Room from 10:30-11:30.



Class Schedule and Pre-Requisites for 2017-2018

Click here for information about Classes and pre-requisites:

Insert p. 5 of the Handbook from 2016-17


Click here for Friday Class Schedule Information.



Upcoming Calendar

More information will be sent out soon, but here is a quick look:

Friday, Aug. 18                  Sign up for student teacher’s positions;  Family Work Assignments.  You can also sign up on Aug. 25, but Aug. 25 will be the last day to sign up.

1:30-3:00              New Family Orientation (if not at summer meeting)

Thursday, Aug. 24            1:30-4:30              Book Sale Set Up and workers purchase books


Friday, August 25             Registration & Book Sale Day

8:30                        Book Sale Workers Meeting

9:00-10:15           Returning Members (Come and go)

10:30-11:30         New families Last names A-L

11:30-12:30         New Families Last names M-Z


Wed. August 30                Teachers, Student Teachers, and Family Workers will be notified by email of their assignments for the year.


Friday, Sept. 1                   New Teacher’s Meeting                               9:00-10:00

All Teacher’s Meeting                    10:00-1:00


Friday, Sept. 8                   First Day of Classes for 2017-18

Meet in the Sanctuary 10” before your class starts for all new students


Friday, Oct. 13                   No classes, Fall Break

Friday, Nov. 24                  No classes, Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, Dec. 2               2:00        High School Classes Christmas Concert

Friday, Dec. 8                     Scheduled concert times from 10-1 at Asbury for all elementary and middle school age classes

Fri., Dec. 15, 22, & 29      Christmas BREAK

Friday, Jan. 5, 2018          Classes Resume

Friday, March 16              Spring Break

Friday, March 30              Easter Break