PSHP Notes for 4.27.2023

Hello PSHP Families and Students

Spring Reminders

Please review all of these with your family members that attend PSHP.

  1. Please wear modest clothing.  No short shorts or sleeveless tops please.  Shorts need to be within 4 inches of your knees to be acceptable on a Friday.
  2. All PSHP students should be within an adult’s eye sight at all times.  Do not gather in a room without a teacher or adult in the room.
  3. Do not congregate in the stairwells for safety reasons.
  4. No public display of affection is allowed between any PSHP students.
  5. Reserve running and loud talking for outdoors please.  No running in the Fellowship Hall as there are many people in this space.
  6. Review safety drills for fire and tornados.  The students will gather by their last names outside on the grass north and west of the church.  If they are in a class at the time of the drill or emergency, the teacher will lead them out to the grass and go by each of the areas to gather by last name.  If a student is not in a class, they will need to quickly and calmly take  the nearest exit outside and gather on the grass outside to the area with the alphabet signs.  A drill will happen during the morning of Friday, May 5.  Students that are in the Sanctuary and Choir Room will exit out the doors outside of the Sanctuary.


Friday, April 28

Hall Monitors (Bring goodies to donate to the Coffee Bar to sell.  The profits of the Coffee Bar are donated to PSHP.)

                8:45-11:00       Sharon McElwrath, Danielle Burch

            11:00-1:00       Laura Kilburn


1:45-3:45         Anna Haak

April 28 Notes

All beginner band classes will be in their smaller classes tomorrow!!

All Intermediate band classes will be in their smaller classes tomorrow!!

All beginner orchestra classes will meet together in the Sanctuary.


  1. Friday is a Pizza Friday.  Those that preordered Pizza will have first dibs of the pizza at $1.50 per slice as close to 11:45-12:10.  There will be some extra pizza if you did not preorder.
  2. Please note since PSHP has not canceled any Fridays this year, that each family will owe for 5 weeks in May.  September through April you were billed for 24 weeks total and in May you will owe for the additional 5 weeks for our 29 week school year. Please talk to Kathy Love if you need to work out a payment plan.  All fees will need to be paid before you can enroll in classes for the fall.
  3. Please drop by any prizes between now and Friday, May 19 when the prize store will be open.  This is great incentive and a reward for students for their practicing! Prize ideas include toys, music supplies (tuners, etc.), gift cards, etc.
  4. All PSHP Juniors are invited to assist at the PSHP Graduation on Saturday, May 20 at Asbury.  We could use your help from 12:00-5:00 that day and with some help on Friday when you aren’t in class.  This will give you a good opportunity to see what is available for you for next year.  See below to sign up to help.
  5. Graduates please turn in you $25 to the Payment Table and turn in your filled out form to the Information Table.

7  Laura Krurger’s theory classes are looking for any old donated cell phones to play Kahoots to test their musical knowledge.  Please turn in any to the Information Table

  1. Stop by the Information Table to pick up information about ordering Yearbooks.  There are three different flyers with TreeRing information.  Congratulations to Arielle Mann who won the Yearbook design cover.  If you are interested in a tribute for a senior please talk to Shelly Pichler at 417-838-2730 and don’t work directly with TreeRing.  If you are wanting to create the free personalized pages contact Treering directly.
  2. Please share the world about Play and Sing His Praises’ Open Houses for prospective students. Open Houses are on Friday April 28 and Friday, May 12 at either 10:15, 10=1:15 or 1:15.  An opportunity to get information, ask questions, and have a tour of our classes.  INSERT FLIER 2023 HERE


Looking Ahead

  1. Fire Drill on Friday, May 5.  Contact me if your child will need special accommodations for the loud noise from the fire drill.
  2. Combined rehearsal for all students that are singing or playing Psalm 150 will be on Friday, May 5, May 12, and May 19 from 12:00-12:30 in the Sanctuary.  This includes all students in Singers, Mezzo, Concert Choir as well as all high school students in advanced classes.  This song will be featured at the beginning of the Tuesday, May 23 Concert at 6:00 at Calvary Baptist in Republic.
  3. Music Composition Class will have a recital on Friday, May 12 at 4:00.  All are invited.
  4. Friday, May 19 Last PSHP class day.  Prize store will be open.  Each student will get PSHP participation certificates.
  5. Graduation Jobs Sign-up for either Friday, May 19 or Saturday, May 20

  1. Saturday, May 20  PSHP Graduation at 2:00 at Asbury..  All are invited.

Graduation Food Sign-up for Saturday, May 20

  1. 7. Ourfinal concertswill be:
  • Monday, May 22 at 6:00 for all beginner, intermediate and Bach classes at 6:00 at Calvary Baptist at 804 US-60 in Republic.  Originally it was listed as at Asbury. Please note new location!!
  • Tuesday, May 23 at 6:00 for all advance classes at 6:00 at Calvary Baptist at 804 US-60  in Republic.
  1. Friday, May 26-Final Picnic at Smith Park from 11:30–2:30


Friday, May 5

Hall Monitors (Bring goodies to donate to the Coffee Bar to sell.  The profits of the Coffee Bar are donated to PSHP.)

            8:45-11:00       Edna Clingman, Danielle Burch

            11:00-1:00       Michelle Coulter

            12:45-2:45       Mary Bush

1:45-3:45         Buck Schrope


Upcoming Community Concert Opportunities

  1. The Messiah Project Women’s Chorale will present “Awake, My Soul, and Sing!” on Saturday, April 29th at 4:00 and 6:00 at All Saints Anglican Church, 2751 E Galloway Street. The concert will be the same at both times.  Dr. Heather Nelson is conducting this concert.  An offering will be collected.
  2. Sunday, April 30 at 3:30- FREE Concert Missouri State University President’s Concert with combined concert of choral and orchestra students at JKHammons Hall.

Prayer Concerns- Lord hear our prayers

  1. Allison Pichler for her illnesses from Lyme’s Disease that have been going on all year.
  2. Families affected by the weather and the upcoming severe weather.
  3. We hope to see Kristin Gram back at PSHP on April 21.
  4. Many  people who have sickness or sickness in their families.  Strep and Stomach virus seem to be making the rounds.
  5. Amber Phillip’s mom has finished chemo treatments.
  6. Sally Doyle for her wrist.
  7. Beth Falukos’ daughter in-law Hannah, will have surgery in April to remove a tumor.