Music Notes for Friday, 4.6.2018

Music Notes for Friday, April 6, 2018

Hall Monitors

8:45-11:00       Naomi Schrope, Julia Phelps

11:00-1:00       Lisa Jarvis, Kelly Garrison

12:45-2:45       Stacy Undegraff

1:45-3:45         Terri Anderson

PSHP Board Member:  Tracy Yohn


  1. Tomorrow is Payment Day for April.  Please pay for 3 weeks, plus $7 church usage fee.
  2. All Beginner Band and Intermediate Band classes will meet separately in their smaller classes this week at either their normal 8:45 Beginner Band class or their 10:00 Intermediate Band class.
  3. Beginner Orchestra students will all meet in the Sanctuary  for a combined class this week.
  4. Graduate Informationand $75 is due, if you have not already paid..  Please turn in the information to the Information Table.
  5. PLEASE NOTE:  The Hand Me Around has been rescheduled for TOMORROW Friday, April 6.
  6. The Federation judges comment sheet and rating sheet will be at the Information Table for you to pick.  Thank you to everyone that participated.
  7. All teachers, parents, and students are asked to stop by the Info Table to check spellings of the names for the Yearbook   The Yearbook staff has been working very hard and are about to put the finishing touches on the yearbook.
  8. Some Asbury ladies will be at PSHP on Friday, April 6 to take preorders on flower sales.  They will be set up at the church information table in the hallway as you enter the east church doors.  The flowers they order are beautiful and from a local nursery.
  9. See below for contest schedule on Friday, April 20 at Asbury.


  1. There is a Teacher’s Meeting tomorrow, April 6 at 12:10 in Room 203.  We will discuss music contest, graduation music, practices for graduation and final concerts, as well as logistics for final concert.
  2. Please stop by the Payment Table in April to see if you have any outstanding bills or church usage fees.

Yearbook Deadline

TOMORROW, April 6 is the deadline to receive 2 free personalized pages for your yearbook

April 23 is the deadline to receive free shipping

Price is $17. 93 for each book.

Orders placed after April 23 will have additional shipping costs, but will be shipped directly to your home address.

Check out the website and use this passcode:


            Passcode:  1014740501293185

Attending The Magic Flute Opera by Mozart with PSHP group

Melanie Bush and her PSHP music history class are attending the Magic Flute at the Gillioz Theater on Friday, April 13 at 7:30.  The group rate for tickets is $18.00, but you will need to wait until Monday, April 9 to order your tickets.  You will need to call The Gillioz Theater at 417-863-9491.  Use code SCHOOL2018 and talk to Jason if you have any troubles.

If you would like to learn more about the Magic Flute, Melanie Bush has invited anyone to attend her 1:45 Music History Class in Room 206.  There will also be a learning packet to hand out.

Calendar Update

  1. Please add Saturday, April 28 at 2:30 to your calendar for the first PSHP Graduation Ceremony.  The location will be in the  Asbury Sanctuary.

Most of the high school students in advance classes will be performing for this event.  More details later.

See Kathy Love or Andrea McCotter if you have any questions.

  1. Parent Graduation Meeting April 13 at 11:00.
  2. Friends Meeting April 13 at 12:10.
  3. April 13, Mock Judging for Classes and class times could be slightly adjusted.  Bach Orchestra will meet earlier than normal for this one day.
  1. April 20, Music Contest Schedule at Asbury

9:00     Beethoven Orchestra

9:25     Brahms Orchestra

9:45     Beginner Orchestra

10:00   Intermediate Orchestra

10:15   Advance Intermediate Orchestra

10:30   Bach

11:00   Younger Beginner Guitars

11:10   Older Beginner Guitars

11:20   Intermediate Guitar

11:35   Advance Guitar

11:55   Classical Guitar Ensemble

1:00     Praise and Worship

1:20     Jazz Ensemble

1:40     Percussion Ensemble

2:00     Recorder

2:10     Beginner Band

2:25     Intermediate band

2:40     Adoration Band

3:00     Select Wind Ensemble

3:45     Singers Choir

4:00     Mezzo Choir

4:15     Concert Choir

4:40     Bel Canto

5:00     Harp Ensemble

Summer Music Camp Opportunities

This is the time to be thinking if your music student would benefit or enjoy a music camp setting.

I will have some information at the Information Table about String Fling, a camp offered in July at MSU.  This is for grades 7-11.

I also have another camp that sent information that I will bring.

The Springfield Symphony Guild also offers music camp scholarships to students that qualify.  The deadline for this is Friday, April 13.  The is a form to fill out and teacher recommendation letters that will be needed.  The forms and letters can be hand-delivered to the Symphony Office on Friday, April 13 and we can coordinate this with Rachelle Barker.


Click here if you need to see a PDF of the Calendar: PSHP SCHEDULE – MASTER 2017-2018 (2)